Founded in 2009 by Michelle Salz-Smith, Studio Surface is an interior design firm that transforms spaces throughout the West Coast and internationally with projects and clients ranging from residential home remodels to high end resort brands.  Michelle and her team are known for creating balanced interiors with a layered and collected aesthetic and a bit of an unexpected "edge".  They work to create spaces that are stylish and modern yet have a laid-back, effortless vibe reflecting their client’s individual lifestyles.  Working closely with artisans, craftspeople and clients, Studio Surface provides a customized approach when creating the visual stories and personalized experiences for each project. 

“We are passionate about interiors, various materials and objects; we are always exploring different resources, processes and techniques applied to SURFACES and everything in between. All of our interiors and creations are thought up in our studio in Del Mar. Or while driving or eating. Or Sleeping."