Frequently Asked Questions


 Why hire Studio Surface?
 Studio Surface approaches and manages all projects with integrity, passion and thoughtfulness. Our team has dedicated their lives to studying and earning credentials in design, and will work hands on to make your space beautiful and functional. We have built an extensive list of resources, vendors, local artists and fabricators who work alongside us to create truly individualized spaces. 

 Is Studio Surface a good fit?
It is very important to establish a direction before entering into a working relationship, so the design process can be valued and then successfully implemented. During our first meeting, we encourage you to ask questions and share your expectations so we can get a clear understanding of your ideas, goals, and lifestyle. Studio Surface is a small firm that selectively takes projects in order to provide the client with dedicated attention and thoughtful, detailed designs. Hopefully you have arrived to this question because you have already taken an interest in our firm. We invite you to check out our project portfolio to get a sense of our general aesthetic. 

Will my designer let me be involved in the project?
Your input is a very important part of the design process and we always encourage you to share your ideas and thoughts. We believe in building a trusting and honest relationship with our clients so each other's opinion can be valued while still allowing the designer adequate freedom to be creative and design a beautiful space.

Do I also need an architect | contractor? Will Studio Surface work with my architect and contractor?
Owner and Principal Interior Designer Michelle Salz-Smith is a nationally licensed interior designer as well as a Certified Interior Designer in California which enables us to prepare and seal non-load bearing construction drawings for our projects.  Our full time staff has completed years of design education with earned degrees in design in order to prepare any necessary drawings to communicate the design into technical documents.  As a responsible firm we will always contact an architect or engineer if necessary.  If required, a contractor is a very important participant in the design process. If you do not have one, we will gladly connect you with an experienced contractor.  And if you are already working with other consultants, please let us know and we will gladly collaborate with your team.