L.A. Art Show


Written by Ana Gaitan
Photos by Ana Gaitan

The last week of January I spent my days in between corridors filled with artistic wonder. I was lucky enough to attend two art shows and become a spectator in their cocktail filled Opening Nights. Both shows were simply stunning, but I will only limit this entry to my current art obsession. THE L.A. ART SHOW.

Note: There is no need to worry. Soon I will take you through Art Show #2 which cannot be missed!

The Los Angeles Art Show Opening Night happened on a Wednesday chilly afternoon. I had been invited by a friend who is an aspiring artist and my partner in crime when it comes to art appreciating. After 2 hours of commute, we finally arrived in the heart of L.A. and made our way to the West Hall of the L.A. Convention Center. There, with more than 120 galleries that are represented in 22 countries, the L.A. Art Show was officially open and I was overly excited.

While feeding my art obsession with a variety of mixed media art and large scale installations, I sipped a vodka cranberry and walked around what seemed like the most intricate maze of talent. At the end of the first corridor I bumped into Frida and lurked for more than I’d like to admit. Without hesitation this became my # 1 fave of the L.A. Art Show.

This 2x life size Frida sculpture made of resin, human hair, and brass by Japanese make-up artist Kazhuiro Tsuji immediately took my breath away. The detail and intricacy of his work is amazing. Every pore and detail of her skin can be admired and it seems as if Frida is looking right at you with poise and love. I know. Weird.  But when a piece of art makes me feel, it suddenly becomes a permanent memory I can’t shake. After being nominated twice for an Academy Award, Mr. Tsuji’s life took a turn in 2008 when he decided to dedicate his time making three dimensional portraits in a scale 2x life size like this one. He is known for his Abraham Lincoln, Dali, and Andy Warhol sculptures. To see more of his work click here

Another favorite was Rafael Barrios, a Venezuelan multi-talented artist who displayed small scale versions of his steel structures that were once displayed all over New York City. His geometric sculptures were an impressive rendition of what light does to various shapes and forms. Rafael Barrios was a definite stop at the L.A. Art Show. To see more of his work click here.

The variety displayed at the L.A. Art show was impressive and as I kept walking around without rhyme or reason I realized that it was more than just a fine art display. Every corner I passed was filled with photography, art, sculptures, performing arts, and social experiments. I only wish it would have lasted more than just one weekend, hence the reason why I returned Saturday afternoon. Fellow spectators, gallery owners, artists, and art lovers showed an enormous amount of culture, knowledge and self-expression; there was passion for art at this event.  It was palpable. The next time the L.A. Art Show comes around, don’t forget to stop by and indulge your art fascination. 

To learn more about the L.A. Art Show click here