Viva Las Vegas : Las Vegas Winter Market


Written By Jason Fisher
Photos by Jason Fisher

Upon arrival in Vegas this year there seemed to be a thinner crowd on the streets and within the corridors of the hotels. The 2016 market however was in full motion the moment you head to get your pass. We opted to head to the Pavilions first as you can check in with the great advantage of bypassing any lines that can form at the main points. This is a great way to start the process of ensuing visual overload by taking a slow stroll through open areas and keeping the crowds to a minimum. Pavilion 2 boasted some interesting temporary location vendors and many from our locale Southern California region. There were interesting global textiles and Fair Trade accents that are so common today but at underinflated price points. Turn a corner to find reclaimed Barn Beams and tin roofs from the Pennsylvania countryside. Down the way a bit more, there was beautifully crafted inlay furniture pieces as well as one of a kind treasures sent from across the globe in an eclectic abundance of imported bliss.

On to the main show of the super highway of New Balance trainers and bedraggled carry-on luggage scurrying in every direction of the ground floor of Building C. This would later become known as building A as the mouse becomes more disoriented in a haze of mimosas and cheese teasers.

The storefronts that carry the largest selections of Accents are interesting places to find those nuggets that would be perfect and align well with the style of your firm but can be overwhelming if caution isn’t taken to spend a reasonable amount of time, then move on to what lies ahead. The rug vendors are always enjoyable to peruse through and gives great insight into the hues that we normally have access to online or in a catalogue. Surya, Loloi, Jaipur are among the staples at the market and the representatives are always so anxious to assist with any questions.

Seat Testing is another wonderful advantage to having everything within reach and reveals that some pieces or makers for that matter that you think would be comfortable really aren’t and contrarily, others can surprisingly impress. Nevertheless, there are some beautifully stunning objects for the home in most of the shops throughout the entire market.

Vendors are brought back to the forefront of thought as there is more exposure to what they carry. Jeffan, Blue Ocean Traders and Bobo Intriguing Objects stood out this year when thinking back on particular pieces or even actual time spent in a showroom. New art vendors like Kelly O’Neal drew us in as well as the headliners like Leftbank.

The lighting showrooms always impress and many this year have oversized fixtures. This along with leather seating in many of the furniture dealerships seamed to dominate the scene. Much like last year metal bases in many items were the norm but with less geometric forms taking on organic, sculptural appeal.

The Market is a goliath that can be conquered, but not merely by the stone of one day. Not to truly embrace all that it has to offer. So for Spring, just settle in, wear comfortable (and attractive) shoes, spread it out and stay hydrated. It is the desert after all.